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A short media briefing will be held for journalists participating on-site on Tuesday 30 May from 10:15-10:45 EEST (UTC+3) in the venue’s media room just before the opening session. In the briefing you’ll hear what our expectations are for the development of the circular economy. Speakers at the briefing include Jyrki Katainen, President of Sitra, Svein Berg, Managing Director of Nordic Innovation, and Janez Potočnik, Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel.

Press releases and media kit

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Releases of reports and briefings

Mon 29 May 02:00 EEST
[Launch] Memorandum: Putting nature at the heart of the European Green Deal

Sitra proposes to the next European Commission that it should continue and update the European Green Deal. The European Union can tackle the ecological crisis, strengthen its resilience and create new markets by putting nature at the heart of decision-making. This could be achieved by making the value of nature visible, by mainstreaming nature into key policies and by strengthening the circular economy transition in the EU’s single market. The memorandum includes a set of policy recommendations for the next Commission. More information: and read more in Sitra’s news.

Tue 30 May 12:15 EEST at the Opening session of WCEF2023
Sitra’s call for applications for nature-positive circular businesses in Europe

Sitra is looking for the leading European companies with circular economy solutions for nature. The call for applications is open until 30 September 2023. The selected companies will be presented in next year’s forum WCEF2024. Read more in Sitra’s news.

Tue 30 May 13:30 EEST at the session “Consumers in a circular economy
[Launch] YouGov study for Nordic Innovation and Sitra: Nordic Consumer perceptions on the circular economy

To support this year’s World Circular Economy Forum, YouGov carried out a survey via the internet on representative panels in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to respondents aged 18+. Awareness and knowledge about the concept of a circular economy is significantly higher in Finland than in the other Nordic countries. However, in general, the share of the population in each Nordic country that has taken part in circular economy activities in the past 12 months is of a similar size. Overall, the Nordic countries show the same type of circular economy habits and the top 3 most common activities are the same in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Read more in Sitra’s blog and download the survey.

Tue 30 May 15:15 EEST at the session “How companies should measure their impact on nature
[Launch] Circular Transition Indicators v4.0 (CTI)

Developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in collaboration with over 30 companies, the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI v4.0) provides an updated approach to measuring how circular strategies impact a company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Along with assessing their climate impact, companies can now also use CTI v4.0 to understand how their circular performance affects nature.

Land use is the biggest driver of nature loss. Companies can help halt nature loss by switching to circular sourcing strategies. With the new CTI version, companies can compare different sourcing strategies and find the best circular actions to reduce their land use impact.

Tue 30 May 15:15 EEST at the session “A more diverse role for forests
Study on student entrepreneurship

According to a recent survey by the European Forest Institute targeting life science students in Europe, nearly 30% of respondents are very interested in becoming entrepreneurs in the field of bioeconomy. However, there are barriers that prevent students from pursuing business opportunities.

Wed 31 May 9:00 EEST at the Opening plenary of WCEF2023 day 2
[Launch] EIB: MDBs join forces to accelerate the circular economy transition

During the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) 2023 in Helsinki, environment focussed directors from the leading Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) met to discuss the topic of the circular economy for the first time. They recognised the value of collaboration between the MDBs on the circular economy, and agreed that their institutions should continue to work together, including via the Circularity Exchange Network (CEN). Read more on EIB’s website: MDBs join forces to accelerate the circular economy transition (

Wed 31 May 10:30 EEST at the session “Wardrobe of the future: how to change the textiles and fashion industry
[Launch] Sustainability and Circularity in the Textile Value Chain. A Global Roadmap.

UNEP’s new report sets out what each stakeholder group can do individually and collectively to reach the shared destination of a circular textile sector. To do so, the report identifies the three core changes that must happen: 1) a shift in consumption patterns and business models to make more circular textiles available, desirable, and accessible; 2) an improvement of practices when it comes to production processes, product design and care, and a just transition; and 3) a significant investment in infrastructure such as renewable energy and technology to remove pollutants such as microfibres and hazardous chemicals. These three priorities depend on each other and will require significant work. Therefore, the Roadmap breaks this work down into 9 building blocks that each stakeholder can focus on, with priority actions for each stakeholder group.

The roadmap will be available here:

Wed 31 May 15:00 EEST at the Closing plenary of WCEF2023
Announcing the WCEF2024 country and co-hosts

Thu 1 June 13:00 EEST at the Accelerator Session “The role of scrap in steel sector decarbonisation
[Launch] Outokumpu Inner Circle Initiative

The new circularity initiative of steel producer Outokumpu brings together stainless steel users and scrap suppliers to bring more transparency to supply chains and smoothen the path from scrap to a more sustainable stainless steel production – ultimately creating a closed loop for steel scrap. The Inner Circle initiative is a first of its kind for the industry. Read more about the initiative on Outokumpu’s website. More information: