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WCEF Studios are local events that support the main Forum from anywhere around the world.

WCEF2023 Studios deliver all, or part, of the main Forum programme while incorporating additional elements to select local audiences. They can be organised anywhere around the world, in person or online. Studios are co-ordinated and approved by Sitra. The studio hosts are responsible for all practicalities and expenses related to organising the event. 

All Studios will be listed on this page.

Tuesday 30 May 

WCEF2023 Studio Windhoek

The WCEF2023 Studio in Windhoek, Namibia, offers a one-day circular economy programme at The Village Opera House (18 Liliencron Street, The Village). The programme will include a panel discussion with local stakeholders from the public and private sectors, a live stream of the main event and networking with relevant experts. For more information and registration, please contact

Organisers: Embassy of Finland in Windhoek and the Namibian Recycling Forum
Time: 10:00–16:30 UTC+3

WCEF2023 Studio Delhi

The WCEF2023 Studio in Delhi, India provides an opportunity especially for young leaders and innovators to share experiences, challenges and opportunities in driving the circular economy agenda on local, national and global levels. Highlighting the importance of youth-led solutions and the role of industry in supporting the transition to a circular economy, the studio fosters collaboration and partnerships in India. The studio will conclude with support for the youth circular economy movement.

Organisers: EU – Resource Efficiency Initiative (REI) and Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN)
Time: 10:30–13:30 UTC+3

Thursday 1 June

WCEF2023 Studio Europe

Do you represent a European region and want to accelerate the transition to a circular economy? Join our open online session that introduces the Circular Benchmark Tool (CBT) to new regions and shows how to complete the CBT assessment. CBT is a tool for European regions to benchmark each other and exchange circular economy knowledge and experiences. We will cover all features of CBT, from its creation to how to perform the assessment, all matched with a WCEF2023 session focused on circular solutions for nature and the economy.

Organisers: Circular Benchmark Tool (CBT) by ProActBlue and Rademaker Consulting
Time: 11:00–13:00 UTC+3

Friday 2 June

WCEF2023 Studio Nairobi 

This event themed “Circular future by young people” intends to unlock the infinite possibilities and ideas the circular economy builds for this young generation and beyond.

Organisers: Eden Ecotech Global, Paragon Institute Of Innovation and T-Bin Limited
Time: 10.00 – 17.00 UTC+3

Wednesday 7 June

WCEF2023 Studio Singapore

Join us in Singapore for an evening of insights, discussion and networking to advance circular economies in Southeast Asia. The main session will explore how the public and private sector might work together to accelerate sustainable industry transformations and enable circular innovation to thrive. With an emphasis on cross-value chain dialogue and actionable next steps, we aim to facilitate meaningful partnerships that can advance systems-level change. Please enter the password “WCEF2023” to check the programme and register.

Organiser: Second Muse Pte Ltd
Time: 12:00–14:30 UTC+3

Thursday 8 June

WCEF2023 Studio Kenya

Following the five African Studios ACEN hosted during WCEF2022, one WCEF2023 Studio will take place in Nairobi, Kenya this year. This one-day immersive event brings together stakeholders from various sectors to address the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy in Kenya. The Studio will screen two sessions from the main event and facilitate activities that promote conversations, engagement and networking. If you are based in Kenya and want to enhance your knowledge of the circular economy and contribute to local development, please contact

Organiser: African Circular Economy Network (ACEN)
Time: 08:00–19:00 UTC+3


If you are interested in hearing more about WCEF Studios, please contact Sitra at