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Circular collaboration in the Global South tightens

Seven organisations signed a cooperation document at WCEF2023 to increase value creation in local and regional business and industry in the Global South.

During WCEF2023, 25 leaders of the Global South gathered to highlight the unique combination of traditional knowledge and latest technology that is helping the global south to make significant leaps towards circularity.

A cooperation document between 7 organizations was signed. The collaboration will contribute to increased value creation in local and regional business and industry by providing companies with knowledge and expertise on circular economy and assistance in implementing new solutions on both a pilot scale and an industrial scale. The parties see that the activities can be complementary and will help to strengthen the interactions between the environments.

At the global level, the cooperation will help in bridging the Global South and the Global North, breaking cultural and lifestyle barriers through solutions and best practice of mapping circular policies, economic incentives and business models. It also proposes joint planning with North and South partners for a global dialogue.

Read more in the news release of the organisers of the roundtable.