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Circular hotspots drive the global circular economy movement

Discover strategies to strengthen the global circular movement through success stories and innovative approaches from circular economy hubs around the world. 

Time: Thursday 1 June at 12:00–12:50 EEST (UTC+3) 
Place: Nordic Stage at Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, 10th floor, Helsinki

Explore the growing global impact of bottom-up movements and learn how circular networks from across the world have become drivers for the circular economy. You will learn from success stories across six continents, best practices from global frontrunners, and innovative strategies for growth and for building collaboration along global value chains. We will connect and empower circular economy hotspots worldwide, exploring how we can strengthen both individual hubs and the global network and foster collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive the circular movement.  

This session will be of interest to global institutions, top-level decision-makers in both the business world and NGOs, policymakers, transition brokers, as well as those working with networks and governance. 

Organisers: Holland Circular Hotspot and Nordic Circular Hotspot  

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