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Designing for circularity – case examples from Finland

Up to 80 per cent of a product’s lifetime environmental impacts are locked in at the design stage. Learn how Finnish forerunner companies apply circular design in minerals, textiles, chemicals and food. 

Time: Thursday 1 June at 13:00–14:00 EEST (UTC+3) 
Place: Online

Join us to learn from real-life examples how to innovate and develop disruptive circular-by-design concepts and operations and how to support their upscaling. We will hear about chemical products and processes from Kiilto Oy hosted by VTT; textiles from Emmy Clothing Company Ltd and Nordic Bioproducts Group Ltd hosted by Syke and Aalto University; circular minerals hosted by Geological Survey of Finland; and food industry from Valio hosted by Luke.  

This session is open to everyone but especially targeted to designers, business leaders and policymakers.   

Organisers: Geological Survey of Finland with Aalto University, VTT, Finnish Environment Institute Syke and Natural Resources Institute Finland 

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