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Ensuring a just and jobs-rich transition to a sustainable future for all

How can decent work and circular economy agendas come together for a just and inclusive transition that benefits both people and the planet? What are some concrete ways of overcoming the barriers and advancing decent work opportunities in circular economy interventions?  

Time: Thursday 1 June at 16:00-17:30 EEST (UCT+3)  
Place: Sitra office, Itämerenkatu 11-13, Helsinki and online   

We will explore how decent work and the circular economy can develop simultaneously. We will examine the potential benefits of this intersection, including the creation of new job opportunities, the promotion of social inclusion and equity, and the reduction of environmental impacts. The session will also explore the potential challenges and obstacles to achieving this vision, such as the need for education and training, as well as policy support.

We will draw on case studies and best practices from around the world to provide practical examples of how to integrate these two agendas effectively. Ultimately, the session aims to equip the audience from diverse backgrounds, including national governments, civil society organisations, industry leaders and working-level practitioners, with the knowledge and tools to contribute to a just and inclusive transition.  

Organisers: Circle Economy, International Labour Organization and Solutions for Youth Employment Programme at World Bank  

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