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Implementing the circular economy in cities

Explore how cities can implement the circular economy at the local level and delve into the challenges faced and potential solutions. The event will use case studies collected in ICLEI Europe’s recently published “Circular Cities Declaration Report 2022” and live testimonials from cities across the globe. 

Time: Friday 2 June at 11:00–13:00 EEST (UTC+3)
Place: Online 

This session will explore how cities across the globe can unlock circular economy potential at the local level. It will open with an overview of the widest ever assessment of circular economy practices across European cities, highlighting key trends and challenges faced by cities in the transition from a linear to a circular economy. Two European cities will provide testimonials on how to implement the circular economy and on how to overcome barriers to implementation, while also highlighting how they harness major co-benefits such as nature conservation or resilience.  

The Ellen McArthur Foundation will provide a global perspective on the barriers faced and solutions implemented by cities, with testimonies from one African and one South American city. The end of the session will provide space for an open discussion on how to accelerate and scale-up the circular economy at the city level, while also meeting those co-benefits related to biodiversity and nature conservation. The session will be of interest to local authorities, local practitioners, solution providers, policy makers and civil society representatives. 

Organisers: ICLEI Europe with Ellen MacArthur Foundation, ICLEI Africa and ICLEI World  

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